Green Woman's Garden

We were established in 2007 by owner and operator Karen O'Brien.
The property, located in the central Massachusetts town of Mendon, has always been used for agricultural purposes. Part of the barn dates back to the 1700s. The grounds have been planted with fruit trees, berry bushes, and several herb and vegetable gardens. These gardens include culinary, scented, medicinal, and winged beast beds. Karen has owned the farm since 1982 and has operated organically for most of that time. She raises chickens and turkeys, which provide great compost for the plantings. She has gardened for more than 30 years and is certified as a Master Gardener. Herb plants are available for sale, and workshops on using herbs and flowers ~ in cooking, for decorating, and in the landscape ~ are scheduled during the year, as well as celebrations of seasonal interest. Karen is available for demonstrations and can custom design workshops for any age or skill level.

More and more, people are going "green" and interested in returning to a healthier, more natural lifestyle. The use of herbs is not limited to culinary pursuits, though many will begin their herbal adventures in such a way.

Herbs can enhance our lives by:

  • The simple delight of fragrance
  • Attraction of beneficial insects
  • Landscape enhancement
  • Creation of homemade products
  • Decorative use ~ fresh or dried


One need not have a large expanse of space or unending time to enjoy the pleasure of herbs. Our mission is to promote the knowledge of useful plants and to foster a greater appreciation of the natural world by using herbs in everyday life.


Herb Plants

Offered from late April through June/July ~ concentrating on lesser known herbs and ornamental flowers

Demonstration Beds

Our gardens are varied in shape and form, using readily available materials. You will get inspiration to create your own "herbal oasis".


Offered 2 to 4 times a month on various seasonal topics. Our goal is to educate our customers on the uses of herbs and allow creativity in fashioning unique herbal treasures.


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Through the Year

At this time of year, there are several signs of spring. I've noticed that the pussy willows have already appeared, and yesterday, I saw the first tentative tightly furled spath of the skunk cabbage. Another sign, along with the appearance of red-winged blackbirds, is the blooming of witch hazel...

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Well, life has been busy as I wind down the year of 2015. I attended a workshop on "Nurturing Your Botanical Sanctuary" in October. This wonderful event brought me to the Goldenseal Botanical Sanctuary in Rutland, Ohio, where I shared thoughts and dreams with many others concerned with the...

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