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August Antics

Well, I can finally rest easier, as the Herb Show, put on by The New England Unit of The Herb Society of America, is over. This was our Fifth Annual show, and it was held in conjunction with the Northeast District Gathering of HSA. There is a lot of work that goes into a judged show like this, and I'm glad it's over. My seven specimen collection of native herbs took Best of Show, and my fairy garden took the People's Choice. It's fun to see the public looking at the herbs, commenting on "I didn't know that was an herb!" among other things. My tumeric plant created quite a buzz, as it is something that is not normally seen.

I do love to inspire people to try and grow unusual plants. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. But trying is what's fun, and sharing the successes and failures is how we grow. I'm always on the lookout for an unusual plant, or one that challenges me with its care. That's why you will find plenty of out-of-the-box herbs for sale at my farm. Because this year artemisia is the Herb of the Year (TM), I have A. princeps, A. scoparia, A. stelleriana, A. lactiflora, and A. genipi. All are doing well in the garden bed dedicated to artemisia, except for A. genipi. That one has languished, and I have lost all but one. And it still is quite small. Art Tucker wrote in his article for the IHA Artemisia book that he felt it should be grown more in the US. So far, I guess I can see why it isn't grown commercially. I also have a Multiflora savory, which is not hardy but has lovely little pink flowers. Savory is HOY for 2015, so I tried that as well as Savory of Crete and Dwarf Savory. The little fairy in my garden is sitting amongst creeping savory.

As an end of the year special, I am offering all plants at half price (except for the bay plants) through the end of August. If you drop by, just tell me that you read my blog for August, and you will receive the discount. Let me know what you are looking for, and I just might have that plant you have been dying to try. Oh, and I might send you home with some summer squash, tomatoes or cukes. The garden is flush with vegetables, and I enjoy sharing my bumper crop.

Keep on gardening,


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