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Juggling Life in June

As so often happens at this time of year, I have been up to my ears in plant sales, annual meetings and growing my business. Add to that my continuing issues with my recent knee surgery, and you have a recipe for complete and utter chaos. Hopefully I will be back to normal soon.

I spent last weekend at Herbstalk, the yearly herb festival in Somerville. I met some wonderful people, sold quite a few plants, and enjoyed the camaraderie of those immersed in the herb world. It was two long days, but it gave me needed exposure to a group of people who might be interested in my plants. I planted lots of medicinal herb plants this year - even more than usual. If anyone wants white sage, eclipta, pellitory, or any of the other unusual plants I grew this year. please let me know. As this is the year of Artemisia - Herb of the Year (TM) for 2014 - I also tried several new varieties of that family, as well. A. genipi, A. scoparia, and A. princeps will soon be gracing my garden. It should be fun to see how they grow and to what use I can put them.

Due to the knee problems, I have opted to spend the next two weeks doing my physical therapy and exercises to try and regain my strength and stamina. This has unfortunately led to me having to bow out of the Annual Meeting and Educational Conference of HSA in California. I will truly miss seeing everyone and taking part in this wonderful event. My hope is that I will be up for going to IHA's conference in Toronto in July, which will be the biggest conference IHA has held in quite some time. There is still time to register for it if you can make it. It promises to be a great event!

There are still plenty of plants here in Mendon for sale. Please let me know if you need plants and I will let you know what I have. The tomatoes are still available, but act quickly as they are going fast. If you have a special herb that you can't find anywhere, let me know - I just might have it!


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